Jeff Kerr

Long Story Short – The End

Long story short, the end of the story is this… spoiler alert… Jesus is coming back. He is victorious. He is making all things new. Eternity with Him awaits for those who have received His mercy.

Long Story Short – Jesus to the Church

Long story short, the resurrection of Jesus Christ is what launches the Church. Jesus appears to many eye witnesses and then ascends into Heaven. The Holy Spirit comes, fills the believers who then go out and preach the gospel. The church grows, the church is persecuted, the church continues to this day. It’s our turn.

Long Story Short – Jesus

Following exile, the Israelites rebuild their city and temple. About 500 years later, Jesus, the promised messiah, is born in Bethlehem. He grows up and begins to teach about love, mercy and salvation through him alone. Long story short, He performs many miracles and gains a large following. The Israelites are expecting a messiah who […]

Long Story Short – Kingdom to Jesus

Long story short, the Israelite rebellion against God leads to disaster. They are conquered by Babylon and exiled. God speaks through the prophets: This is not the end, this will be redeemed. In every season we know that God is at work, He is loving and faithful and He is moving us towards redemption.

Long Story Short – Promised Land to Kingdom

Long story short, the Israelites escape from Egypt and eventually enter the land God had promised to give them. This was not the end of their story, but rather the beginning of their journey to learn what it means to walk with God in obedience and trust. We see that small areas of compromise eventually […]

Long Story Short – Egypt to The Promised Land

Long story short, Moses, with the power of God’s mighty hand, leads the people out of slavery in to freedom. The children of Israel must now learn what it means to follow God. We see that God designs a daily faith for his people. He wants us to trust Him with today.

Long Story Short – Abraham to Egypt

In part 2 of Long Story Short, pastor Jeff Kerr covers the story from Abraham to slavery in Egypt. Long story short, God uses ordinary, flawed people. God uses harsh unfair circumstances. God brings his redemption right through our failure and that of which we are most ashamed.

Long Story Short – Creation to Abraham

In this series, we are looking at the main story of the Bible. In part 1, Jeff Kerr covers creation through Abraham. Long story short, God is the One True God, He’s the maker, we were created by Him, crafted in HIS image to have a relationship with Him.

But Our Eyes Are On You

Pastor Jeff Kerr preaches from 2 Chronicles 20 when King Jehosophat and the people of Judah were surrounded by a powerful enemy. “God, we don’t know what to do, but our eyes are on you.”

Disordered Affections

Pastor Jeff Kerr looks at 3 stories in Scripture and three subtle ways we can get our affections out of order. God has GOOD in store for us, but all God wants to do IN us and THROUGH us only comes when our affections are properly ordered.