Kristie Kerr

Satisfied – Kristie Kerr

Finding everything we need and everything we could want in Christ is possible. A relationship with Jesus is like Thanksgiving dinner, we are filled up until we can’t possibly add in anymore. We are fully satisfied.

Upright (part 4) – obedience

At the core of a relationship with God is obedience. If we want to walk upright, we must lay down the life WE want to live and obey God as He guides us in the way HE wants us to live. It’s not that He’s a control-freak, He has our best in mind. Pastor Kristie […]

The Book of Acts (part 7) – Where’s My List

With the introduction of this new faith through Jesus Christ, there were Jewish believers still insisting that new converts adhere to the old testament traditions and rituals. Acts 15 is the first time this conflict is officially addressed. Pastor Kristie Kerr shares this message on how easy it is for us to look for “a […]