A Case For Church

Ever have a Monday morning when it’s really hard to open your eyes? That was me this morning. But more than just being tired and struggling for motivation to wake up, today I could not open my eyes. They were physically stuck. Let me explain… Yesterday we had a carnival after church. There was food, […]

Dogs walks and deep thoughts

The Kerrs are not morning people. We are counting the days ’til summer break when we resume our schedule of staying up late and sleeping in. That is our natural state – our homeland. What we’re living in now is the foreign land of responsibility. However, since the alarm bells are still ringing around 6:15am, […]

Why not Zumba?

Earlier this week I went to my first ever Zumba class. For those who don’t know, Zumba is an aerobic fitness program which is essentially a group dance party with various styles of Latin American and hip hop dance. So why not try Zumba? Well… I’m a white, male Canadian. Plus I grew up in […]

A Consolation Trophy for Everyone

The “Christmas Story” in the Bible can found in Luke chapter 2. If you grew up going to church on Christmas Eve, you probably heard someone read Luke 2:1-20 starting with Caesar Augustus issuing a decree, ending with shepherds glorifying and praising God.