don’t be afraid, just believe

In Mark chapter 5 there is two stories of healing. In the midst of them, Jesus says the words which are such a great practical tool for us each day as we face different storms and trials – “don’t be afraid, just believe.”

Welcome Home – Building Update

An update on our campaign to raise funds to purchase and renovate a building in downtown Farmington. Also a message on how God wants us to rid our lives of fear when it comes to finances, but rather to live in generosity and trust.

Easy Grace?

How do we live out our freedom in Jesus? How do we live to honor God and not be all about following the religious rules? There is NO SIN which can bring condemnation against us, but yet, EVERY SIN is serious enough that Jesus had to die for it.

Digging Deeper – Pastor Kristie Kerr

In this insightful and practical message, Pastor Kristie Kerr walks through some simple steps to study the Scripture in a deeper way. Using Hebrews 6:19, she shows how you can do simple word studies, find different translations and discover new meaning in familiar verses.

Long Story Short – The End

Long story short, the end of the story is this… spoiler alert… Jesus is coming back. He is victorious. He is making all things new. Eternity with Him awaits for those who have received His mercy.

Long Story Short – Jesus to the Church

Long story short, the resurrection of Jesus Christ is what launches the Church. Jesus appears to many eye witnesses and then ascends into Heaven. The Holy Spirit comes, fills the believers who then go out and preach the gospel. The church grows, the church is persecuted, the church continues to this day. It’s our turn.

Guest Speaker Dareth Ly – Missionary to Cambodia

Our guest speaker survived the Khmer Rouge Genocide in Cambodia as a young boy. As a refugee, he was placed in a foster home in St Paul MN where he attended an Assemblies of God Church. Years later he would later return to Cambodia with his family to share the love of Jesus.