Satisfied – Kristie Kerr

Finding everything we need and everything we could want in Christ is possible. A relationship with Jesus is like Thanksgiving dinner, we are filled up until we can’t possibly add in anymore. We are fully satisfied.

Holy Spirit (part 2) – Fruit and Gifts

The Holy Spirit fills us and empowers us to live the life God has for us. But HOW does this happen? There’s fruit and gifts. Fruit is outward evidence we see of the new life on the inside. Gifts are supernatural endowments of the Holy Spirit’s power in our life.

Holy Spirit (part 1) – His Introduction

In part 1 of Holy Spirit, we read in John 14-16 where Jesus tells his disciples that He’ll be going away soon, but the Father will send another helper, or advocate. The Holy Spirit is God’s presence on the earth not only with us, but IN us in order to help us live the life […]

Upright (part 7) – Freedom

We read about the upright path God has for us. Too often, Christianity gets misinterpreted or misrepresented as just a bunch of people trying to adhere to a list of rules who are miserable doing so and who are also judgmental to those not adhering to the same list of rules. However, the Bible describes […]

Upright (part 6) – stewardship

The upright path God lays before us involves our resources and finances. This message looks at God’s guidance in how to be an upright steward of what He’s entrusted us with.

Upright (part 5) – Turn and Seek

Proverbs chapter 3 gives us two things we can do to walk on the path of the upright: seek God and turn from evil. Both require action and discipline. For many, faith in God is something to coast through, but the true walk of faith will require us to get to work.

Upright (part 4) – obedience

At the core of a relationship with God is obedience. If we want to walk upright, we must lay down the life WE want to live and obey God as He guides us in the way HE wants us to live. It’s not that He’s a control-freak, He has our best in mind. Pastor Kristie […]