Upright (part 1) – The Path

God has a path for us to follow which will lead to good things. In fact, we see in scripture that the path He has for us is the best way to live. This is part 1 of Upright.

Get The Basics

If you don’t the very basic, foundational things right, anything you do on top of that feels askew and shaky. The foundational truth in the Bible is that you are loved by God. And when you truly get that, you view yourself differently, you view others differently and everything is built on the right foundation.

Back To School Sunday

Pastor Jeff Kerr preaches from Joshua chapter 1 to our students and families to encourage them as they begin a new school year.

The Book of Acts (part 12) – The Final Chapter

The final section of Acts involves Paul going from trial to trial. Paul finds himself shipwrecked on the island of Malta. In this final part of our series in Acts, we look at Paul’s confidence in God and his willingness to minister in spite of storm, shipwreck and imprisonment.

The Book of Acts (part 8) – They Go

In Acts 13, you see the intentional, organized step of the early church to GO and take the gospel message to the surrounding nations. In this group of disciples, you see an openness to God, a prioritization of what was most important, a perseverance when the road was difficult and a joy that comes only […]

The Book of Acts (part 7) – Where’s My List

With the introduction of this new faith through Jesus Christ, there were Jewish believers still insisting that new converts adhere to the old testament traditions and rituals. Acts 15 is the first time this conflict is officially addressed. Pastor Kristie Kerr shares this message on how easy it is for us to look for “a […]