Follower (part 7) – Not Home Yet

The final message in our Follower Series – Jesus teaches and models for us an eternal perspective on life when rather than defend himself after being arrested, He replies “My Kingdom is not of this earth.” As followers of Jesus, we must live each day with an eternal perspective. This world is not all there […]

Follower (part 6) – When You Pray

Jesus often taught his disciples about prayer. Prayer is foundational to a relationship with God. Regular, daily prayer; fasting; intercession are all elements of a prayer life needed in the life of every follower.

Follower part 1 – an introduction to following

Being a follower is simple in our world today… you just click a button. But when Jesus invited others to follow him, there was a much more literal separation from their past and actual steps to closely study Jesus’ teaching and example. In this series, we want to strip away all the other things that […]