What We Care About

Homestead Community Church is a group of people who help each other grow in faith, meet needs in our community and who share the message of salvation and abundant life found in Jesus Christ.

About the name:

A homestead is a group of people who establish a new community together; everyone has value, everyone has a responsibility and everyone works together for a cause bigger than themselves. It’s like an extended family – every member of the family belongs and is valued, ALL generations are present and every member adds value and has a part to play.

As Homestead Community Church, we work together for a cause larger than ourselves. We are in our community for a reason, to share the love and salvation of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision centers around 2 things:

The Table

The “table” describes times when we gather together – our church services. Like a family reunion gathered around a table, we gather together to connect with one another, to laugh together and encourage one another, to grow together and celebrate what God is doing among us. Everyone is welcome at the table. In our corporate worship, the focus will be on participation – when everyone sings, there is something unifying and powerful. Our sermons will be focused on the Bible and how it can apply to our life everyday. We believe the Word of God can communicate to the unsaved, new believers, and life-long Christians.

The Community

The “community” is what happens Monday through Saturday. We will be missional in our living. This means we recognize God has placed us in our “world” for a purpose. We are not designed just get through a life of routine. We are not created to be self-focused. Jesus came to give us abundant life! We have been created to love God with all our heart mind soul and strength. And we’ve been given a mission – A great commission – to go into all the world and make disciples. Some of us will be called to move to other parts of the world where people have never heard the message of Jesus. But most of us have been called to go into our “world” – our workplaces, our neighborhoods, our schools, our families – and bring the light and love of Jesus Christ. We do this by praying for people, by building relationships and meeting needs. And finally, we do this by proclaiming salvation in Jesus Christ. Everyone has a role in the great commission. This is not a job for the professional ministers. Everyone is a minister. Everyone is a part of this mission. This happens every day. This is why we’re here. Homestead church will place a high priority on “doing life” and building relationships with people in our world.